If you buy a condo in downtown Fort Lauderdale and South Florida in general, you typically need 3 different types of insurance policies:

1. Hazard:

That is your standard policy that covers you for fire and theft, liabilities + other regular perils

2. Windstorm:

Hurricane damage is a separate policy. This covers you for hurricane damage due to wind and airborne debris. Please note that you can get substantial discounts if all the house openings (all doors and windows) are upgraded to meet current code to be impact resistant as well as if your roof meets certain standards (strapping etc..).

When you have an inspection done, we make sure you cover these items (you need a four-point inspection and a wind mitigation inspection) and I will guide you through this process!

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3. Flood:

Flood is not covered by your regular hazard policy. It is a separate policy.

The FEMA Flood maps determine whether your house is in a flood zone that requires flood insurance. Please consult your insurance agent to inquire about the flood status of the property. The 2014 changes to the flood maps have reduced the number of properties that require flood coverage in Broward County.

If you have a mortgage, your lender will require hazard and windstorm. The lender will also require flood coverage if you are in a mandatory zone per the FEMA flood maps and some times even if you are outside of these zones….

If you buy a property in cash, you may self insure although it is wise to get coverage, including flood, even if you are not in a flood zone with mandatory coverage. After all, all of the State of Florida is a potential flood risk.

Your HOA fees will cover the insurance for the exterior walls of the building and all the common areas. You still need to cover the content of your condo on your own. If you purchase a building built after 2000, it will likely meet most current  building standards, especially in terms of windstorm policy which makes you eligible for discounts.


Olivier Turina is your expert for downtown condos in booming Fort Lauderdale