The city of Fort Lauderdale is on the verge of a public transportation revolution! If you plan on buying a condo in downtown Fort Lauderdale, this is important information for you:

Fort Lauderdale has had a public water taxi system for a long time and that makes it a very distinct city.   Recently it added a free shuttle service to cross the river in the downtown area.

There is also a free trolley service to the beach and a bike sharing system.

Click here for information on the downtown trolley system in Fort Lauderdale

Click here for information on the bike sharing system

View from The Center for the Performing Arts looking east
View from The Center for the Performing Arts looking east

A lot more is on the way:

  1. The city is about to launch the “Wave”, a brand new street car service that will initially connect the downtown core from Flagler Village to Broward General Hospital but plans already exist for an extension to the airport and Port Everglades. The start of the service is said to be 2017.

Click here for more information on the “WAVE”

2.  All Aboard Florida” is a private company which plans to launch a train service with stops in downtown Miami, downtown Fort Lauderdale -at Flagler Village-, downtown Palm Beach and Orlando. It is also building a train station with new condos and apartments right around the station to increase density which makes public transportation economically viable. The longer term plans is to have a commuter train using the old FEC tracks that started the development of the Florida East Coast with the Flagler Train System

Click here for more information about “All Aboard Florida”

Besides public transportation, the city has a strong focus on making the downtown core more pedestrian and bicycle friendly in the frame of the “complete street” program.

These are exciting short and long term goals that will all contribute to improving quality of life and increasing real estate values!


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